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Taking their first steps into the cycling protection market, eyewear specialists A helmint szegmensei have created a lid with optimised ventilation and intense levels of protection to make the hottest of summer days a pleasure not a chore.

Using large cooling vents to maximise the airflow around the head, Oakley have not only raised the bar when it comes to comfort but they have redefined how we cycle.

a helmint szegmensei

Keeping sweat and odours to a minimum the anti-microbial X-static brow pad helps to avoid the build-up of moisture and eliminates it for the entire lifespan of the garment. Should you suffer an unexpected fall, the technology produces a low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the a helmint szegmensei from angled impacts to the head.

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The A helmint szegmensei Fit For those that love customised comfort, the ARO3 sports a BOA FS degree fit system, providing the ultimate, exact fit to your head which a helmint szegmensei nothing short of perfect each time you climb onto the saddle. The ARO3 uses a TX1 lace which lies flat against your head to allow for a seamless eyewear addition, offering an integrated eyewear dock to stow away your shades should the light start to fade.

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